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Metal diamond bond polishing pads


Stonecraft is frequently asked where is the difference between common RESIN BOND   and METAL BOND diamond polishing pads?

The difference between Metal bond and Resin bond diamond polishing pads lies in the small abrasive segments,  made by braising of diamond and metal powder. Those segments used instead of pure diamond powder  (as done for  RESIN bond pads). Metal bond diamond pads are very sharp and aggressive, for fast grinding properties   Korostyshiw’s granite guys  even call those pads MAGIC PADS.   The pads are really unsurpassed in scratch removal from granite surface, efficiently grind even very hard granite or engineered stone. Metal bond pads are popular for WET grinding or polishing floors, edges, countertops – flat and curved surface, straight or contoured edges for granite, concrete, terrazzo, engineered stones. Chamfering is easy done with metal bond pads. Could be used instead of diamond grinding wheels, Velcro connection cut time to change the tools. Life span of metal bond pads is 2-2.5 times more compared with resin bond pads.  Should be used WET, pads #50 would be worn faster compared with #100, #200, #400, pay attention to that fact while ordering polishing pads.