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How to use diamond polishing pads.

Diamond polishing pads used for grinding and polishing of natural and engineered stone, quartz, concrete, terrazzo, glass. Pads life span greatly depends on the material being processed, worker skill, quantity of water, polisher model ( WET  option? adjusted speed option?) . Usually pads with higher grits have longer life span.  Low grit ones ( #30, #50, #100) are worn out faster.

Metal bond pads life span usually 2 -2.5 times more compared with resin bond pads, provided that the recommendations for use are observed.


Recommendations for the use of diamond polishing pads:

We recommend  to use diamond polishing pads  with professional models of angle grinders, possessing   adjustable speed  and WET options. In most cases rotation speed should not exceed  3000 rpm. When do WET polishing,  use low grit pads need add more water, after # 1500, the amount of water must be reduced.

While polishing, particular care must be taken not to overheat the diamond polishing pad. The use of water will extend the life of the diamond tool. Polishing DRY can lead to overheating of the stone surface and pad itself. Overheating could results in smearing (pad leaving color on stone), and glue connecting pad and Velcro could  lost its strength, which is dangerous and should be avoided for safety reason.   If smearing still happens, then the stone surface must be re-polished starting from # 200,  for  stone with pigmentation from the pad, re-polishing should  starting from # 400.

Doing Dry polishing you should control time and tool temperature, even for DRY pads time should not be too long, to avoid overheating.

The quality of polishing depends which grit # pads used do it, and how thoroughly  polishing was done by rough numbers. The polished surface must be washed after each number.

BUFF is used for finish polishing, after # 1500 - 3000.   Select Light color BUFF for white  stone, and black buff  for dark stone and  granit , green  buff particularly suitable for   gabbro.



Diamond polishing pads grit size standard information

We mark grit for polishing pads (diamond abrasive particles size ) accordingly to European FEPA standard