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Алмазные шлифовальные круги d 80 мм

Universal diamond polishing pads are used for grinding and polishing any products made of   granite, marble, terrazzo, concrete, quartz, engineered and artificial stone. The pads made of flexible polymer matrix, which contains diamond abrasive parts. The "Velcro" backing (Velcro fastening system) allows quick tool change. For better result we recommend  to use professional polishing machine with WET  and adjustable speed options, equipped with GFCI,  for example  STONECRAFT-100-1200RSD. Universal polishing pads could be used either wet or dry, but with using water you would increase the life span of the pads. Materials such as gabbro and artificial stone are recommended to be polished using water. When polishing, take care not to overheat the pads. The recommended rotation speed is from 1000 to 3000 rpm (the higher the grit, the lower rotation speed ). If you add water during polishing, then the amount of water should gradually decrease when shifting to a higher grits pads.